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Tile Roof in Tampa, FL

The local climate and proximity to the ocean are ideal for a terra cotta tile roof in Tampa, FL. However, not just any company can work on this type of roofing. With owners who have more than 50 years of experience, Roof X Inc. is one of the companies with the expertise to install, repair, and replace tile roofs.

Our state-licensed roofing company excels in this roofing specialty. We have a large crew of capable professionals who understand the challenges of this roofing option. Rest assured that we only use the services of our qualified employees and never farm the work out to subcontractors. This is why we can offer you warranties of up to 50 years on materials and 20 years on labor.

Installation That Lasts a Century

Tile roof installation closely resembles doing masonry work as both are made of clay and concrete. However, with roofing tiles, the shape is flat or resembles a barrel, rather than a brick. These tiles are dense and heavy, so they must be placed carefully and precisely.

Tile is an upscale roofing option that adds color, texture, and charm to your house. With proper care and maintenance, your roofing tiles may last for a century or more. Request the service of skilled craftsmen from our contractor to install clay tiles on your roof.

Tile Roof in Tampa, FL

Repairing & Cleaning Tile Roofing

Roofing, such as tile, that lasts for decades requires care and maintenance. If a tree limb were to fall on your roof, one of the individual tiles may crack. However, these tiles are very sturdy, and can withstand sun, wind, rain, and even fire. In addition to tile roof repair, we offer cleaning. Stains car mar the beauty of tile and moss can grow on the individual barrels. Our crews use the proper products and tools to clean the tile so it looks like new once again.

Replacing Heavy Tile Roofing Requires Equipment & Care

You cannot place tiles on any roof. As these tiles are so heavy, the roof and house must be strong enough to carry the weight. Special equipment and techniques are required for tile roof replacement. With that in mind, ask our Roof Gurus to do the work for you. Our professionals know exactly what steps to take to ensure your roofing project is a big success.

Contact us today for the craftsmanship that is required for work on terra cotta tile roofing. We serve customers in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, Wesley Chapel, and Lutz, Florida.